Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was spooktacular. How was yours?
The kids worked very hard on their pumpkins. Patch got to use a knife this year. It made me nervous.

The most clever costume we saw was our neighbor, Big Patch. Flower thinks he's kind of cute, so we took the opportunity to embarrass her.

We had a couple of crew members from Deadliest Catch. They were well behaved, for the most part. Patch and Mini-me just enjoyed eating on the floor. We had the traditional Halloween Hot-dogs and two different kinds of chili.

I downloaded two new Halloween songs: Little Red Riding Hood (for Flower), and Black Cat (for Mini-me). Mini-me showed us her moves. Video coming soon.


Anonymous said...

What a great Halloween!

Chiloe said...

Seems like it was lots of fun !! I love the pringles costumes: very original and cheap ;-)

Linz said...

That smiling dog picture seems like not even real! That could be on a Hallmark card!

Rach said...

My new favorite halloween song is from "nightmare before christmas" The first song. we listened to it all day long. love the pics