Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume Time

This weekend, we had a Halloween Dance at Curly's store. The kids were excited to wear their costumes.
Curly used his skillz and made up Mini-me's face. She loved it.
Patch wanted to be a golfer. I am extremely proud of this costume. The only thing I bought were the socks. We even had the mini bag. We have nothing to put in the mini bag, but he will use it for trick-or-treating on Saturday.
They had a great time at the dance. They ate candy and cookies and did musical chairs, all while I shopped. I love Giant Eagle!


Linz said...

The kids look so great!!!

Joni said...

Oh they look SO cute! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Mini-me looks purrfect, and Patch will fore-ever be my favorite golfer.

Lisa said...

They look adorable! Have fun!