Monday, November 09, 2009

Kid's Room

Even though I wouldn't count the kid's room as "done," I thought I would post some "almost there" shots.

We need to hang some hooks on the back of the door for the towels. Also, the green dresser doesn't seem so dark in person.

The bedspreads from the former room (which was pink/purple) look really good against the French Silver. It is a tad unfortunate that Patch is sleeping under a girlie bedspread, but he'll survive. I have plans of making two bed quilts using the same pattern and 3 colors that are the same, and then each one would have 2-3 other colors to make it more gender specific. I think it could be really cool.
Still to do in this room:
Organize clothes
Hang things on the wall
Take out green check chair, which will go in the nursery
Put shelves and books in bookshelf
Other than that, it's good to go!


Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous! You guys have been working, working, working.

Melonius said...

hooray for being almost finished! that's a great wall color, it adds color but doesn't overwhelm you.

teamZ said...

I think you are nesting!!!

Linz said...

Nice shade on the walls.

Lisa said...

Oh, I love it! The french silver is so fab!

Andry said...

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