Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Yesterday, we were going to go on a walk downtown. But then we changed our minds. we remembered that it was the day after Thanksgiving, and that's the perfect day to start Christmas.

So off we went to the tree farm. We took a hay ride to get out to the trees. Have you ever seen a 9-month pregnant woman try to get on the back of a tractor? It's funny.

We walked and examined for a very long time. I wanted a smaller tree this year. Curly agreed that it needed to be more narrow so that we can keep our dining room table in the same room as the tree.
Curly is very strong and was able to saw that bad boy down in record time.

And here it is! Objects in nature always seem smaller than actual size. That thing may look super skinny, but inside, it is a little bigger than we thought.

Do you have your tree up yet?


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun it is to buy your tree after Thanksgiving day!

Lisa said...

My kitchen tree is always up before Thanksgiving. I haven't put the main one up yet. Love hearing about your adventure!

Emily Snow said...

It's up but not decorated...we'll hopefully do that tomorrow night. I also opted for a tall, skinny tree this year (and many years to come, I think, it's a fakey)

Rach said...

not yet. that is this saturdays project this last saturday we were traveling home from utah. can't wait!