Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nursery Woes

When I mentioned wanting to do purple in the baby's room, I didn't anticipate it being a hard color to find. Purple and grey are very in right now. I figured there would be tons of fabric available. I was wrong. Also, I was wrong about Curly being on board with the colors. Last night as I was showing him the options, he asked: "Don't we already have nursery bedding?" Yes. Yes, we do. But it's green. I'm not feeling green. I'm feeling purple.

Here is what I have found so far:

I love this. It reminds me of ribbon candy, which is sweet, like my baby. And, it has green in it, which means a lot some of the green that we have can be used. See? I'm trying to be frugal!
I also thought this was very pretty, but on a crib bumper, the flowers might be too big.

This is just a lovely fabric. It is classy and expensive looking. Again, notice the green accents within the fabric. True, it's more of an olive green than the current Pottery Barn Kids green we have, but it's green.

When I showed this one to Curly last night, totally in love with it and ready to click the "buy" button, he said: "Wow. Kinda psychedelic, don't you think?" No. No, I do not think. But, last thing I want to do is make my baby think she's at Studio 54.
The thing I loved most about the above fabric, is that it coordinates with this:
I have loved this fabric for years. I have used it many times, including in my favorite quilt. Again, note the green.

What do you think of these fabrics? Please, weigh in!


Anne Marie said...

Personally I like the ribbon candy! So fun but I also like the dots because I love brown. Good Luck!

Lisa said...

I love them all but for a baby I like the first two.

jean said...

My vote is for #2 and #3.

Anonymous said...

I like #1 an #2 because I think they'd be great with your existing green gingham.