Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What is the most fun thing to do on a gorgeous day in Central Park? Why, find the sights from your favorite movie, of course! We chose Enchanted.

This is the amphitheater where Giselle is singing in a castle with a little girl. Then the camera switches to the audience and McDreamy smiles his McDreamy smile and does Jazz Hands.

Patch, never one to pass up a stage, sang his heart out. Song of choice? Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Flower at the Bethesda Fountain, where the dance number expands to hundreds of people.

We are pretty sure those benches where the band sat was where the old people were in the movie. No old people spontaneously dancing that day, just a really cool band called the Tin Pan Band. They played old timey music.

Giselle and McDreamy went on a canoe ride. Grandpa was the canoer this day. Everyone (expect pregnant Mommy who does not care for boats while in this delicate condition) got a ride.

This is the bow bridge. They dance across it while singing.
There we are!
Patch took some time out to do a hula dance. He was a natural.

And then our camera died. It was very sad. I forgot the battery charger. I remembered just about everything else, but forgot the battery charger. Of course, this being New York City, there was nowhere to find a replacement. (This is slightly untrue. There just wasn't time to hunt down the right charger. I am sure NYC has one or two electronic stores.) We used Grandma's and Grandpa's camera for the rest of our trip, but we don't have those photos yet.


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. What a clever way to sight see.

teamZ said...

Love the Enchanted photo tour. That is my favorite part of the movie (or maybe the working song with the animals. Hmmm)

Rach said...

Love the pics! I like to go to places that are in movies too. When we were in San Fran we went to all the places that were in so i married an axe murderer