Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Escape

TodaysMama is having a contest to win a Cricut machine. Can I tell you how badly I want one of those? Man, so bad! So, I'm entering and hoping to win. Did I mention I want a Cricut?

1. If you could escape to anywhere in the world where would it be?
Sun Valley, ID. It's the happiest place on Earth.
2. What song do you play when you are by yourself in the car?
I love to listen to Black Eyed Peas songs and I rock it out.
3. If you had a night to yourself, and money was no object, what would you do?
I would go up to NYC and see a Broadway show.
4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Cold Stone -- I love me some All Lovin', No Oven with chocolate cake batter ice cream.
5. What is the farthest place you have traveled away from your home?
I did Study Abroad in London while in high school and college, and got to go to Scotland. That was pretty far away.
6. Last book that you couldn't put down?
Um, please don't judge, but the Twilight series.
7. When you want to escape into another time, what movie do you watch?
Pride and Prejudice -- the BBC version that takes 6 hours.
8. What is your favorite local escape?
Amish country -- it's only about 2 hours away from here.
9. How do you escape on a budget?
Curly goes out to get takeout and we watch tv or a movie at home.
10. Best food you've ever had while on vacation.
I love going out to eat while on vacation to local spots -- not chains. But the best? Not much is better than breakfast at The Kneadery in Sun Valley.


Melonius said...

I know the guy who invented it. He's my brother in law's brother in law.
so if you get the cricut, do you get any free cartridges? those things are pricey.

Rach said...

they are usually on sale at micheal's the day after thanksgiving at 6am for a super price. if you are in the mood for that. your diaper bag is cute. i am so glad i don't need those any more.

Anonymous said...

Hope you win! Sidenote: I just had breakfast at the Kneadery and it was super good.