Monday, September 21, 2009

The Great Frederick Fair 2009

This past weekend we went to one of my favorite Frederick happenings: The Fair.

We went on a few rides. This one went a little faster than we thought it would. Luckily Patch loved it instead of crying through the whole thing.

We stuck our heads through holes. It's a favorite activity at the fair.

We went to a horse pull. Teams of two horses pulled massive amounts of weight. It moved a little slowly, but it was awesome.

We wondered what it would be like to own a tractor. This one reminded us of Frank from the movie Cars. Frank is red, so we knew this wasn't the real thing. It was maybe his cousin.

A great time, and a funnel cake, was had by all.


Lisa said...

You live in the best town!

Chiloe said...

The fair seems soooooooo much fun!!!!

DanceNplay said...

I missed the fRedNeck Fair this year!!! I was so sad! It's a whole bucket o' fun!!