Thursday, January 15, 2009

Say What?

Today we woke up to a very cold morning. There was a dusting of snow. There was an email in my inbox that Mini-me's school would go 2 hours late. There was no news of Flower's school, which is about 3o miles west of here. I had asked Colleen to come this morning to help me get Mini-me to school, and unfortunately she got here before I got the email. I got the kids in the car and was on my way. Curly called about 15 minutes into my trip that the county where Flower's school sits was closed for the day. Still no word about Flower's school. Then, he called again to say that Mini-me was cancelled. I got to Flower's school, which had an unplowed and slippery parking lot and dropped her off.

Now, here's my issue with all of that. If the county is closed, I think the private schools in the area should follow suit. Also, if you are going to be open, you need to plow your parking lot. My car slid and my tires locked as I was turning into her school. Now, I agree that the weather was not that bad. I am not sure why the counties are closed today. When I say "dusting," I mean there was maybe 1/16th of an inch out there. There was more out in Hagerstown, but not by much. You could still see the grass. That being said, I still think that if the county closes, private schools should do the same.

Yesterday was supposed to be my "Weight Loss Wednesday" post. I got too busy last night and didn't get it done. So sorry! I had gained a couple of pounds over the holidays, but that's okay. They'll be gone by next Wednesday. Weight Watchers has a new program, called Momentum. There's not a whole lot new about it, but their materials are very fancy looking now. We have a big group -- nearly 20 people, and are in a very small room at the YMCA. I am looking forward to getting to know these people over the next few months.


Rach said...

i am sorry the weather is so junky. i think it is in preporation for next tuesday bad (i can't call it black) day. we are having bad weather too. so bad i think we are going to the beach later. 80* in january. crazy

Rach said...

preparation, i can't spell early in the morning

Anonymous said...

FHS, a private school, was always closed if Fairfax County was closed.
And -- two pounds is nothing...gone just like that (snapping fingers sound...)