Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to Life

Today I had high hopes to hit the studio and get going on some Valentine's Day projects. But, when Patch woke up throwing up with a fever, those hopes were diminished a tad. When he goes down for his nap, I'll try to make up some time. Curly is off today, and hopefully we'll also take down the Christmas tree. It's so pretty, but it's time to move on.

Tomorrow, the weather man is calling for some ice and freezing rain. After 2 weeks of no school, I'm not sure I can do a snow day. But, we have plenty of milk and toilet paper, so if it does come, we are ready.

Patch is now asleep (I started this post about 45 minutes ago and while writing it, Patch had an urgent need for a bath and change of clothes, so now he is asleep with his clean blankie and jammies), so I'm going to eat lunch and then go down to sew a bit. Today I hope to make some Valentine pillowcases. Check my Molly Patch blog later today and see if I did it!

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