Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Resolution

I only have one for this year. I know many of you could think up a long list for me, but I have found that long lists never get accomplished. So, I have just one resolution, and it's really more like a theme. This year, I am going to "Keep Calm and Carry On." It's a British slogan from World War II, and I think it's appropriate for me, the freak out queen. Life has thrown us some curve balls. That's just what Life does. Now, when things happen, I can just think "keep calm and carry on," and hopefully get through trials with a little more grace and dignity than I have in the past.

Have a wonderful start to 2009. Curly is at work today, and I have a sitter coming in a couple of hours so I can visit my quilt shop's anniversary party. It should be so much fun. I have a corned beef in the crock pot (thanks, Aunt Lisa), which the kids have already made faces at, so dinner is already taken care of. I just need to make a batch of bread and spend some time in my studio, and the day will be great.


Lisa said...

I love your theme. It was so fun to talk to you yesterday. I hope the corned beef turns out well. Your kids may turn their noses up now but wait until they taste it! Boy howdy! It sounds like you have a fun first day of the year planned. Enjoy!

the highlight addict said...

I like it!