Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Must Be Beautiful in Frederick This Time of Year ...

All that snow.

It's coming down at a pretty good pace. They did not cancel school, which is a bummer. Driving out to get Flower this afternoon will also be a tad treacherous. So, not quite the "snow day" I was hoping for (where we are all socked in and I can sit and quilt or stitch and watch movies and make hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwiches). Instead, it's a messy day of boots and heavy coats and trudging around.

Lauren had her baby boy last night at 8:30. Her contractions started about 1 pm. That is a short labor and I am appropriately jealous. She is part of my quilting group. We make a baby quilt for every new baby for the members of our group, and for the playgroup we're all a part of (I say we, but I'm not as active. My kids are a little older than theirs). Lauren had already made 3 quilts for baby Graham before we could even get started on one! We decided on an "I Spy" quilt that can be used for her older boy as well. I finished the binding on it last night, and now it's ready to take over to her. She'll be so surprised, since we work on these quilts in "super secret" meetings.


DanceNplay said...

I'm glad to hear Lauren had her baby! What's the baby's name? She made a quilt for Braxton and it's lovely. I have it on the toddler bed. People were in awe of her work at my shower and she was like, " Whatever, that was a piece of cake. It took me 2 days..." lol.
The past couple of days, I've been making dinner in the afternoon as well. It really works! The food is ready and you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day! But ya know, I grew up in a house where my mom didn't cook alot of dinners during the week because she ran a dance studio at night. My dad made dinner alot and whenever we were hungry, we just fed ourselves. My dad NEVER asked my mom to cook dinner for him. He would cook it himself!! So, that's what I'm used to.

the highlight addict said...

I am also jealous about your friend Lauren's labor...but because it was a lot longer than mine and no doubt at least gave her the choice to have an epidural!

With Caleb, I got to the hospital already at an 8 and had him about an hour and fifteen minutes later with roughly 15 minutes of pushing. With Cole, I got to the hospital at a 6 and had him an hour and 25 minutes later, with less than 5 minutes of pushing. Granted, he was small, but I still would have liked a little more time in the hospital before birthing either of them!

Well, like much in life--we don't always get what we want!

losing my needles said...

I'm so honored to make it to your blog. And for the record, Graham only has 2 baby quilts that I made for him. But I love the quilt. Thank you all so much. He lies on it in the bouncy seat all day long.