Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We have our fair share of drama here. Between Flower and Mini-me, hardly a sentence is spoken that does not need an exclamation point! This morning, I exacted a harsh sentence of time out on the stairs for Mini-me. In her distress, she yelled "I never want to see you again!" I sent her to her room. Poof! Her wish was granted.

Since it was quiet, I had a chance to head over to Camille's blog. I don't get on it as often as I would like, because it's really slow to load on my computer. If I understood computers better, I would know why. Anyway, she designs really cute quilt patterns. She's doing a give-away for some of them. Hope I win.

My friend Lauren is having her baby today. Hopefully everything will go well for her so I can visit her tomorrow :)

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