Monday, December 10, 2007

He Speaks!

Patch said what I consider to be his first real word yesterday: Tree. He pointed right at the Christmas tree, and spoke. He did not speak clearly, but it was very clear what he was saying. It's a Christmas miracle.

Patch also discovered the joy of climbing over the weekend. I don't know what made him so bold, but it's driving me nuts. He climbs in our blue leather chair and stands there. Sometimes he jumps, but he always sits when I tell him to.

Flower learned the hard way why it's important to speak clearly. She was using her baby talk to say "Sit, Patch." It came out a little more offensive than she intended.

Mini-me learned the hard way that even when we're in a hurry and we're feeling tired, it's still important to take the time to take off your tights and use the toilet. Times were out and bottoms were spanked.


the highlight addict said...

I know it probably wasn't a funny day for you, but when reading it on your blog it sure sounds funny!

Sgt Malarkey said...

Way to go, Patch! Keep it up and you'll soon surpass your daddy's skills.