Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Fare

There are some times of year where you just say "Jenny who?" and eat yourself silly. The Super Bowl is one of those times. We watched it on the HD tv in my parents basement and ate ourselves silly before the kickoff. My dad summed up my entertaining philosophy by saying "Why serve 3 things when you can have 6?" Amen. So here's the menu:

Artichoke dip from Wegmans, served cold with potato chips.
Artichoke dip from my mom, served hot with bruschette.
Sweet chicken bacon wraps, served with blue cheese dressing as a dip. This was a crowd pleaser.
A muffuletta. Really good, except it started to fall apart as we cut into it.
Contessa onion dip. It's like the dip you make with onion soup mix, except way better.
A cake that said "Go Bears." For the Bears fans, it was kind of hard to choke down as they were losing.

It would be nice to say that we were so full, we didn't care who won. But some of us did care. Years ago when the Bears lost, my brother hid in a closet. I hope he didn't do that when he got home. If so, I'm sure his wife will understand. Way to go Peyton.

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grandpatty said...

Every bite was a super bowl party in my mouth! Thanks for providing all of the food.