Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chopstick crazy

Ever since my mission, where I had Asian companions and Asian investigators, I have loved eating with chopsticks. I will never forget the time on my mission where we were invited out to dim sum with some of my investigators. My companion was Thai (they don't use the sticks in Thailand, fyi), and everyone else at the table was Asain, except me. I had an Asian last name, though; Lee...but, I digress. The waiter came by the table with a single fork and stuck it at my place. I was very embarrassed. I've made it a point to practice every chance I get, and I've gotten pretty good at it over the years. Tonight, while Curly was at his show, Flower and I had Chinese food. Mini-me wanted pizza. Since Flower and I were eating with our sticks, Mini-me had to use hers as well. It reminded me of these photos, taken on St. Patricks Day, 2005:

Notice how willingly she accepts peas eaten with chopsticks.

See this face? It says "Oh no, I will not eat from a spoon! How common!"

Same peas, no spoon.

She is a strange one, to be sure. She knows what she wants. I just have to keep telling myself that that is a great quality in an adult, even though it's killing me when she's a kid!


Grandma Judy said...

I love your blog... It keeps us laughing!

the highlight addict said...

I have to second that one!