Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doctor Visit

We took Mini-me to the doctor this morning. No strep, thank goodness, just the nasty stomach virus that's been going around. She feels pretty yucky.

It's snowing outside. It's not the big, pretty storm I would have liked, but it will do. Flower's school was cancelled, and I imagine will be tomorrow with all the ice they're expecting.

And Patch is just as cute as he can be.

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Grandma Judy said...

We hope Mini-you (just kidding) is feeling better so she can have a nice St. Valentine's Day. Did we ever tell you about the time in about 1970 in Ireland when Mike changed a flat tire for the Maire de St. Valentine, France? The next Valentine's Day, she (a female mayor!) sent us a card of thanks. Hope your weather and the illness will improve quickly.
Love, G'ma