Monday, February 26, 2007

Digging Out

We had over 7 inches of snow here in Frederick. That's nuts! A clipper, they called it. Maybe 1 or 2 inches, if we were lucky, they said. We were so lucky, I shoulda played the lotto yesterday.

While I love snow while it's falling, and I love it shortly thereafter when it's white and pretty, I hate it the next day. I hate when it piles up in front of our house, laden with pollution. It is so hard to get the kids in the car when there are snow drifts that come up halfway on the car door. We could park at the Y across the street, but then we would have to climb over two sets of snow drifts to get in the car. The car is so nasty dirty, and is desperate need of a wash, but it's supposed to rain again on Thursday, so I'll wait until the weekend.

While we had a whole lotta snow here, Hagerstown was not so fortunate. Flowers school did go 2 hours late, which was nice, since we stayed up to watch Jennifer Hudson win an Oscar. I love awards shows. I watch from the red carpet to the "goodnight everyone!" But this time, my head shut off after Al Gore had his witty reparte with Leo DeCaprio. Seriously? Al Gore discoverd global warming? Ugh. Good thing he invented the internet and could tell everyone about it.

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grandpatty said...

Al Gore has become a caricature of himself.