Thursday, July 12, 2012

Much Too Soon

Yesterday I went to my Happy Place. You know. Target. I was there to just "look" at something, and just had Ginger with me. She wanted to look at the toys (and play with the toys, and put them in our cart), and as we walked towards the back, my heart stopped.

The school supplies are out.

How is that possible? We haven't even been on vacation yet. I mean, I want the heat to be over as much as the next person. Maybe even more. As I walked by the bins of crayons and erasures, I could almost smell the cool air. I could imagine walking outside and wearing a sweater, or maybe even just a long sleeved shirt. The leaves would be crunchy and the sky blue. It made me smile a bit. So maybe I don't mind the school supplies being out in July because it makes me think of my favorite season.

But then again, maybe I think it's excessive.

I'm a mess of contradictions these days.

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Ready? Set? SHOP!


Leslie said...

it is ridiculous how quickly school stuff comes out. we have so much more time before we start again, but if i wait it will all be gone. you should stop over to my blog today, it will help re enforce your long sleeves and crunchy leaves wishes.

patty said...

School bells ring and children sing...

Mama Pea said...

I saw school supplies out about 2 weeks ago. I almost sh** a brick. I was like, "It's not even JULY yet!" For those of us who teach, seeing those school supplies out is really depressing.

I think it's so cute and fun that your happy place is Target. Me, too. E. likes to pick out toys, too. I let her carry them around until we check out. That has seemed to work. She's already sort of over it by the time we check out most of the time. Haha!