Monday, June 28, 2010

My Musical

Sometimes I imagine my life was a musical. Think about how cool it would be if when you picked up your dry cleaning, the workers were all dancing and singing a song about cleaning other peoples clothes. The song for the past week is "Too Darn Hot" from Kiss Me, Kate. We have had two days this past week that have hit 100 degrees. Truly, too darn hot.

Yesterday was Curly's work picnic. Last year it was held in August on a day that was in the high 90s. I was pregnant and cried it was so uncomfortable. The organizers decided to move it to the cooler month of June. It reached 100 yesterday, but felt like 104. It was pretty nasty, but I did not cry. We let the kids get soaked to try to beat the heat, but it didn't work. They were just hot and wet by the end, as opposed to being simply hot. What song did I sing at the picnic? Why, "Once -a-Year Day" from Pajama Game. Luckily no one was chasing anyone around a tree, or kissing anyone's ear. It's a pretty tame group.

Today we are home, nursing Mini-me's ear infection. The doctor told us no swimming for 5 days. We are on day 3. I may take the kids to the pool this evening, but with strict instructions not to dunk her head. That will be hard for her, since she's part mermaid. Patch won't care if we go or not, since all he wants to do is hang out in his underwear today. I've said it before and I'll say it again: boys are strange.


Leslie said...

i would cry too if i had to stand in heat that hot for a picture. i am in VA with my sister and i can not get over the heat and humidity. it is bad where i am from too but it is totally ridiculous here.

Anonymous said...


Rach said...

i would go see your musical. i miss you. it isn't hot here. in fact i am so mad that it isn't hot yet. i want to go to the beach and the pool and it's cloudy and cold.

Linz said...

ha ha ha ha! This post was so funny. Hope it cools down soon!!!!!!