Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Gone!

Mini-me has been working on a loose tooth for quite some time now. By last night, it was just hanging there, but I was not permitted to touch it. As we all know, daddies are best at pulling teeth. So this morning before breakfast, Curly gave a gentle tug and out it popped.
Several hours later, and she's still talking about it and checking it out. She thinks it feels weird. I am just glad it's out and done and didn't hurt her. The next one will be a piece of cake. Maybe she'll even let me pull it.


Patty said...

Another little person to discover the wonder of the tooth fairy.

teamZ said...

Mine never let me pull their teeth. They do it themselves. They also won't let the toothfairy have their teeth. I love my WEIRDOS!