Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rooms to Grow

Today has been spent thinking about furniture layout and paint colors. My parents recently sold their house, so I inherited some of their furniture. I am so excited. We are switching our dining room and living room. I think we will have so much more living space that way. It's going to look spectacular. We also have to move around kid rooms. We have decided to hold off on doing that until 2010, since the baby will stay in our room for a couple of months. Patch and Mini-me will share a room for a couple of years. Mini-me is excited to sleep on the top bunk. They will be in Patch's room. The girls room will be the new nursery. Flower gets the attic. She is over the moon with that news. I hope she likes it up there. It will be her very own space, which she thought she would never have.

The rooms need a new coat of paint. For the nursery, I was thinking of painting it grey and using purple as decorating color. I think grey and purple are very chic. For Mini-me's and Patch's room, I am torn. Eventually, it will be the girls room. I don't want to paint it a girly color because Patch has to live there, too. I also do not want to repaint in a few years. So what color? I could do grey in there as well, or maybe tan. Or yellow. I'm stumped! Suggestions?


Linz said...


I'm a big fan. But I'm pretty sure many don't like my bright taste in color. Disney by Behr at Home Depot makes kind of a subtle, lime color called Tinkerbell and it is in my master bedroom. I only told you that so that you would see that it is a color enjoyed by both males and females. We just don't tell anyone that it's called Tinkerbell but the secret's out now!

Other shades of green are awesome as well.

Anne Marie said...

Green in a light form is neutral and recommend or if you like my kids rooms are the best khaki color. Sherwin William's kilim Beige, I love it!

Melonius said...

khaki is good cuz you can pair it with blue or with pink. or a light blue could go both ways. i also thought of green or yellow. ok, that's no help. good luck.
and YAY for free furniture!

Melonius said...

OK, I just saw this on the Inspired Room--

Lisa said...

When My Boy and Coco shared a room it was red, blue, green and yellow...just good ol bold primary colors. I would love to see photos of the new furniture in your house.