Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Dad, the Cat

Patch was a little unsure at first. It's hard to recognize Curly under all that make-up and fur!
It was fun for Patch to see Curly in full costume. Mini-me and Flower have both been to see the show, which they loved. Only one weekend of Cats left! Next show in the lineup for Curly is the Christmas show. Hopefully Bambina will cooperate and come on a non-show night.


Anonymous said...

Wowie. He is completely unrecognizable behind his make up. Meow.

Lisa said...

Would never know him! Is Mini-me sporting a Molly Patch bag? It is very cute. DTA gave up the role of Cornelius Hackle in the event Samyo might be born on performance night!! Doctors orders!

Emily Snow said...

Love it!