Monday, August 03, 2009

Road Trip (Are You Sick of it Yet?)

More O'Kigin's than you can shake a stick at. We stayed at the Timber Ridge Lodge at Lake Geneva.
My girls don't smile with their lips open. It appears to be hereditary.

Lake Geneva was beautiful. We took a boat tour around the lake that gave us an inside peek at the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The homeowners list read like a "Who's Who" of Chicago.

The cousins love Aunt Becky!

The resort boasted an indoor water park. I stayed clear of all the slides, but most people loved them. Even Grandma and Grandpa!

Aunt Beanie made the trip all the way from Alaska. She took Flower horseback riding. I was jealous. I am quite the resort equestrian.
Flower loved this horse. It looked similar to the one she had at YMCA Horse Camp a few years ago.
On the final night, there was a talent show. Flower sang an original song about families, Curly and I performed from Spamalot, and Patch sang no less than 3 times. It was quite a night.
Thanks for sticking with us on our Family Reunion trip! Next year, we're headed to Sun Valley!


Chiloe said...

Waow! seems like a great vacations !!! I'm sure your kids will keep those memories for a long time ! ;-) You are so lucky to be able to have those kind of family reunions ;-)

Lisa said...

This just looks like loads of fun and the location is right in "my backyard"!