Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is raining cats and dogs today. The last weather report I heard was "periods of rain." Well, it was pouring when I drove Flower to school, and it's pouring still, 3 hours later. All the rain leaves me very sleepy.

I was planning on doing laundry today, but shout out to Curly who did most of it yesterday. Holla! The bad part about him doing the laundry was that he was in my space for most of the day. He does not care for the state of my sewing area. You show me a quilter who has a clean studio, and I'll, well, I don't know. I doubt you can find one! We creative types need a bit of a mess. He straightened some things and then gave me a speech I haven't heard since I was 17 years old: This may be your room, but it's in my house.

Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, after the trunk show, I have big plans to clean and organize. I am going to need major organization if I'm going to keep up with all the orders I'm going to get Saturday. Plus, I need to get started on Christmas presents for the kids. Patch is getting a Cars quilt. I found Lightning McQueen fabric while we were summering in Lancaster. Well, not summering. But it was summer. Anyway. The girls are getting aprons with matching tiny aprons for their dolls. I did a sample last night for the trunk show, and it is too cute. Pictures to follow as soon as I find my battery charger.


Anonymous said...

Saturday is almost here! Hats off to Curly -- did he give the speech with the appropriate attitude?

Terri said...

Hey Jana! I've been reading your blog daily and you always provide me with LOL's! Love the pictures too! Austin says hi :) Terri Lemere

Life in Maryland said...

I'm sorry, and we just left 80's and the beach! I know, rub it in! But saying it was humid is an understatement!!!