Monday, November 10, 2008


Cherie came to visit on Sunday. It was great to spend time with her. When we planned this fun short visit, we both pictured a leisurely Sunday to sit and chat and maybe go for a walk. Ha. As I was getting ready to leave to pick her up, Curly came in (himself having been on his way for a 5:45 am pre-church meeting) to say that our tires had been slashed on both cars. Say what? All told, about 17 cars were hit overnight, ours being 2 of the 17. Luckily, Curly's sister was with us and her car was left alone. The time after church was spent on the phone with the insurance, getting interviewed by NBC 25, and taking a walk without me so that I could fix dinner. Ah, dinner. Then it was off to the airport. The visit was way too short!

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bushcd said...

I had such a great time! Thanks for having me. Next time I will stay longer and we will go for the leisurely walk, shopping and maybe a zumba class. :) Cherie