Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Does She Get It?

On the way home from school today, Mini-me and I were discussing math. She loves math. She knows quite a lot of math facts. I was a little surprised with how much she knows. I said:

Me: Who taught you that?
Mini-me: Well, Jesus taught me.
Me: He did?
Mini-me: Yeah. Jesus just gave me the math fact.

There you go.


Real Live Woman said...

Whenever I ask my six-year-old where she learned something, she tells me, "My brain just told me."

Patty said...

Can't argue with that!

Joni said...

That is so fun! Way to go with weight watchers and all of the sewing that you have been doing. Your mom gave us some of them and I LOVE them!! You really are so talented. Keep it up!