Thursday, October 16, 2008

At the Zoo

The zoo was the place to be this week. The weather was perfect -- near 80 and sunny -- and the zoo was empty.

The last time we were at the zoo, Patch was a wee bairn and threw up on himself, there was no baby panda, there was a baby elephant, and there was no zoo construction. It's been nearly 2 years.

A lot of the animals were sleeping. The mommy panda was on her back, and sea lions were asleep on a rock.
Patch got most excited about the turtles. He could see those very easily. He also liked the monkeys (which were really gorillas who wrestled with each other right in front of us) and the tiger, who was pacing in front of her door, waiting for dinner.

Mini-me liked "everything."


Lisa said...

I love the zoo! What a perfect day for it.

Patty said...

Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo. I do believe it's true.(S&G)