Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Project

Today, Flower and I made a church bag. It was inspired by two things. First, I am tired of carrying everyone's stuff at church. Second, in watching Conference this weekend, I heard two things (well, more than two things, but two things that would help me with my first hurdle, which is carrying everyone's stuff at church). I heard: simplify and reverence. My kids don't need a lot of stuff to occupy them. Bells and whistles are not required at church (actually, they are kind of discouraged). Part of my job as the mom is to teach them how to behave at church. They should be listening to the speakers. I realize that Patch and Mini-me are too young to really do this, so my job is then to teach them not to distract others from listening. I bought a few notebooks and pencils from the dollar spot at Target, which will be perfect for the church bag. I also found a pattern in a quilting magazine for a crayon holder. Also, perfect for the church bag.

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Lisa said...

So cute!