Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prayers Answered

Last night, I almost had a meltdown. But I did not. You see, my machine started to skip stitches. That can be a sign of a big problem. I don't have time to get my Lena serviced, so I did what any semi-frantic woman would do: I said a prayer. I now fully expect my Lena to fall apart the day after Christmas, which is when I said I needed it to work until, but that's okay with me. It is working beautifully, which makes me very happy indeed. It also reaffirms my faith and belief that God is in the details of our lives, even when our sewing machines are on the fritz.

Here is what I have planned to make today. I need to get this Pink Chocolate purse finished. Following that, which shouldn't take me that long after a trip to the store for more thread, I need to make a dozen burp cloths, which only makes 6 sets. I want to have 2 dozen sets at the trunk show. Also today, I need to cut ribbon for the taggies. Making the taggies goes much faster when you have the ribbons pre-cut. Also, I need to wash fabric. That's 4 things for today. We'll see if that's a good pace or not. I think it's not too shabby.


Lisa said...

I've said prayers like that before and it is so wonderful how much we are helped. Glad it is going well. I hope you accomplish all your sewing goals today.

losing my needles said...

Do you want me to bring some ribbon samples tomorrow for more variety?

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a fabulous trunk show, and your work is going to be a huge success. I'm proud as a peacock of you.