Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

A little late today, but it's still Wednesday. I always feel bad when I post late in the day, because I know my Grandma Jeanne (holla!) checks my blog several times a day. I don't want her to be disappointed!

This week was tough, because we were all sick. As the kids started to improve, I went downhill. It was not fun. Today I had a huge headache, but I still went to my meeting. I am down another pound and a half, which brings my two week total to 6.6 pounds. Woot woot! Next week, I hope to be down another 2-3 pounds, since I'll be adding exercise back into the picture.

The discussion topic this week was on changing our thinking from negative thoughts (ie I have so much to lose, why even bother?) to positive thoughts (I think I can, I think I can). Our leader today was a substitute, and she had lost 110 pounds. She was so tiny, she must have started out at about my size. I cannot even imagine getting that small, but she was very inspiring. I think I can, I think I can.


Anonymous said...

As you go down, I go up... unfair.
But keep up the good work.
Love, G'ma Judy

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I lost a bit but still cried because I wish I wasn't in this boat...good lesson for me about positive thinking. I need to think of it as a cruise I guess!