Monday, September 29, 2008


I love all my children equally, but Patch has such a special spot in my heart. He is such a love.

He likes to dress well. He also likes football. He is happiest when dressed well in a football sweater (thanks, Grandma Jeanne!).

He likes to eat donuts. I learned to take his shirt off while he eats donuts (which he pronounces "me-nuts").

He likes frosting. He is a messy eater.
He likes his cousins. He doesn't like his boy cousins to hug him.

I ask you, with a boy like this, could you get anything other than cuddles and kisses done?


Deb said...

He is a beautiful little guy. A little boy always holds a very special place in his mother's heart - even when he is 37 years old!!!

And I love the doll quilts.

Lisa said...

There is nothing like a son...

orcalver12 said...

Little boys are lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Deb.