Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Great Frederick Fair

It's that time of year again! On Wednesday, I picked Flower up from school (with Patch and Mini-me in tow), and headed to the fairgrounds. We were just going to stay an hour, do one ride, grab a bite to eat, and head home. Curly was able to get off a couple of hours early and met us there, surprising the heck out of the kids.

There was a shockingly low number of cross stitch and quilting entries this year. I so could have won best of show again. Oh well. Next year. I am working on a few things now that I can submit for next year.

Patch loved the animals. We saw the pigs, including several sets of piglets, the sheep, the horses, and the cows. We got to see some calves be bottle fed. It was darling. And messy. But darling.

We briefly played the dime toss. I tossed 3 dimes and missed a mile wide. Curly tossed 5 dimes and missed. Flower missed her one try. Mini-me, the luckiest O'Kigin of us all, landed her dime squarely in the Speedy Gonzales cup. The guy running the attraction thought we were so cute (and he was right) that he gave Patch a pumpkin cup (appropriate) and Flower a Foghorn Leghorn cup. We now have 4 Looney Tunes cups won at the dime toss. I'm learning to manage my gambling addiction and think I can stop there. Until next year. I'm giving Mini-me all my dimes.

The kids got to do two rides each. They went on the Wheel of Death Farris Wheel while I stayed on terra firma. Then Flower and Curly went on the Sizzler, which made me hungry for steak, while I took Mini-me and Patch on the dragon ride. Patch did not care for either ride. On the Farris Wheel, he cried for me the whole time. On the dragons, he screamed "No ga-GUN! No ga-GUN!" When the ride ended, he yelled a very enthusiastic "Yea! Ga-GUN!" through his tears.

Friday is a county holiday, called, appropriately, Fair Day. Mini-me will be home from school and Curly just happens to have the day off. We'll be headed back for more fun.


Lisa said...

You live in a great town!

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the robotic claw!

Emily Snow said...

Oh how I love the great Frederick fair! Have a funnel cake for me!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures.

orcalver12 said...

you post blogs just as late as i do. crazy. after i took lily on the matterhorn for the first time she looked and me (she didn't say anything the whole ride) and said, "mama, i don't think i like that ride." she and patch should hang out together. your town is so hickish. it's cute.

Anonymous said...

You are brave to go on Fair day if you went again!! We went on Saturday and had a nice time. The Wheel of Death was right we sat in our little circle of fear...I noticed that there was a huge rusty crack where we connected to the pole that holds us in place. Not so Mr. D says trying to comfort is only a cover plate.It held but needless to say that was a long time in a death trap! it did give us a nice view of Frederick!! We visited our friends animals and looked at all of the exhibits. We have some great talent in the area. I may even try something for next year. Although not food because it just doesn't look right when something is moldy on the table!! Not even a pretty ribbon makes day old look edible!!