Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Project

While Patch slept, Mini-me, Flower, and I made some doll quilts. I let them pick the fabric out of my stash. Flower went for a multi colored and patterned affect, Mini-me went mono-chromatic with blue.
Flower was a much better helper and doer than Mini-me. She laid out the pattern for her quilt and then would hand me the pieces to sew. She was very into it. Mini-me just wanted me to do it. That offended Flower, who insisted that I must be assisted.

For the back, I let them use some of my favorite fabrics, ice cream and cupcakes. Their dolls will now be warm and snug this winter!

Soon these will be added to my Molly Patch inventory. They would be the perfect Christmas gift for the little girl who loves baby dolls.


Lisa said...

What a fun project. These are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I are way impressed not only with your quilting but also with your mothering.