Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is what we've been up to this week (and summer):

Curly -- Just started a new job with Giant Eagle this week. His title is "Guest Services Group Leader." Giant Eagle is restructuring their management, and they are beginning right here in Frederick. It's just day 3, but he really likes it. He's keeping his mortgage business going as well, working on that during lunch, on weekends, and any spare moment he has.

Me -- I am off book for Act I, and almost off book for Act II. However, we still don't know if the Queen will be back to perform next week. I am having a great time overacting, though, so even if I don't get to perform on the big stage, at least it's fun for now.

Flower -- Oh, Flower. She's having a tough time this summer. Hormones, anyone?

Mini-me -- Uses big words like "certainly" and "convenient." She's also learning to read and doing a great job.

Patch -- Our little chatterbox. Usually, he fills sentences with "Ooooo--weeee," but lately he's started saying things that make sense, like "Where mommy?" "Nonning" or "Nighning" is Lightning McQueen, he loves "CAR" and he gets very excited when he sees a "Ha-ho," which means back-hoe. He has also started to say "No way." It's very funny.

There have been some comments from some rodent phobic sisters about what I found under the stove. I found Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Lightning (who is blue), Sally, Radiator Springs Lightning (who wears Whitewall Tires), and a few letter magnets. We are still missing a Sally car, but no one has seen her. Perhaps I need to move the fridge.


Lisa said...

It's a long story......

Patty said...

...and you don't want to hear it.

losing my needles said...

You know, dispite the fact that we have pretty much the entire cast of Cars, we still only have the regular old Lightning.