Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big Day

Today is the big day. Opening night. I have more than a few butterflies. Especially since yesterday, our local Gazette published this article. Pressure much?

I did not get a lot of sleep last night. When we got home, our sitter high-tailed it out of here. When I went upstairs, I saw why. Gracie got into a diaper. It was gross. I have to think our sitter knew about it, since she said she had just gone up to check on Patch. I was so angry, I almost went over to her house (2 doors down from ours) and demanded my money back. But since it was 11:30, I thought better of it. I also realized that doing so would cause issues in the neighborhood. I am really at a loss, though. Patch's light was also left on, so at 11:30, he was wide awake. It has made for an interesting morning. All I know is, this sitter will not be back, I just don't know how to confront her. She needs to be confronted, but in a nice way. I'm not so good at that.

Our sitter tonight is an adult, so hopefully we won't come home to a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Good article, Mrs. King??
Great performance, Mrs. Kigin!!
Grandpa Mike

Emily Snow said...

What a great article! Sounds like a lot of fun!