Saturday, July 05, 2008


July 4th was a lot of fun. We started out the morning at the Olson's ranch, along with nearly 700 other folks. There was a ton of food, and a very patriotic program.
Curly and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett
Curly was the MC, dressed as Thomas Jefferson. He, along with Congressman Bartlett, Sheriff Jenkins, and several high ranking military officials spoke, and the Catoctones performed Barbershop music.
Mike and Judy are to the left.
The most moving portion for us was when the Catoctones sang a medley of military music. They asked those who served in a specific branch to stand when their song was sung. My in-laws stood for the Army, and my brother-in-law stood for the Navy. A lot of people stood during that song. Then, at the end of the program, all veterans were invited to come up and be thanked. There was also a bus load of injured war heroes from Walter Reed hospital who were there. You couldn't help but be grateful to those who protect and serve our country.

Following the breakfast, we went over to Baker Park for the carnival. Mini-me and Patch entered the costume contest and won a ribbon. Patch's favorite part was the petting zoo, and Mini-me enjoyed the moonbounce. Curly was in charge of the FtP booth promoting Once Upon a Mattress. I took the kids home at about 3:15, where they slept for over 2 hours. In the meatime, it started to pour down rain. We decided to scrap going to the fireworks, since sitting in the rain is not much fun.

At about 7:30, the rain stopped. At 8:30, we decided to brave the fireworks. We got to the bandshell, wiped off some seats, and had about a 30 minute wait for the show. Mini-me loved it. Patch, not so much. His hands covered his ears and he started to cry. Curly took him to walk around and said everytime it would boom, Patch would say "nonononononono!"
The kids were very tired, but we had a great time. I hope your celebration was wonderful as well!


Patty said...

You had the perfect 4th!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow what a great day! One to remember for sure.