Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Cried

There is still one more night of auditions, but I feel I did so badly last night that I cried. My voice cracked. I lost the words at one point. I was just embarrassed. Oh well. Curly and Flower are going tonight, and hopefully they can represent for the O'Kigins. The thing that makes me mad is that I can sing. I am part of the theater's singing group. Ugh. Oh well. There's always Annie, right?


Leslie said...

Okay, you would be the perfect Winifred!! Even if they don't pick you, just know you would seriously be perfect. Winifred is hysterical as are you!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the director decides, WE know you'd be great! Besides, it's not over till the fat lady has auditioned! So who knows... but I know you're disappointed that your voice cracked. Just remember: Whatever happens will end up being the best in the long run! Tell my son and granddaughter that Grandma and Grandpa say to "Break a Leg!"
BTW, crying is good for the soul... and it cleans out your tear ducts even if it clogs up your nose. So be grateful that you can cry. Sometimes I wish I still knew how to cry (the Vietnam experience does that to you...).
Love, Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

I know how you hate to feel like you didn't perform you best -- don't be too disappointed. Shake it off. Spit on it.

Mary Ellen said...

I can't imagine it being that awful. You're too good for it to be that awful. But if it was, it makes for a good story! That reminds me of the time I applied to work at the Gap and told them that I was a real "Go getter" as I swung my arm.
Ya never know! You do always seem to get the roles you want!

the highlight addict said...

Don't be too hard on yourself.