Monday, March 31, 2008


I have been working up a storm here lately. I have quite a few Molly Patch orders (thanks!) to get done. Some have deadlines, some, mercifully, do not. I am having a great time with it. Patch and Mini-me don't quite grasp the delineations between "playroom" and "Mommy's Area." At one point today, I had Patch doing laps with the toy stroller. He was pretty ticked when I wouldn't move out of his way. I told him he was in Mommy's Area, but he just grunted at me. He doesn't talk much.

I came across this fun etsy shop the other day. The only thing to make my sewing more fun would be cupcake pins. Mother's Day is coming, you know.

Since Friday, I have logged nearly 12 hours on a t-shirt quilt for a customer. In case you are wondering why they are the price they are, it's because it takes a LOT of time. On a "normal" quilt, I would be completely done with the top and almost done with the quilting by now. So far, I have 2 rows completely done, and 3 others waiting for sashing. Then, I can put all the rows together, being careful to line up the blocks. Add a border or two and viola. Part of what takes so long is stabilizing the shirts so they stay a uniform size. The stabilizer should only take a minute or two to iron on per shirt, but realistically, it takes about 15 minutes per shirt. With nearly 20 shirts in this quilt, you can see what I spent most of my time on. Now you now the ins and outs of a t-shirt quilt, in case you were on a quiz show.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You sound busy! It is hard to manage it all.