Friday, March 21, 2008

3 Hours

Patch has been asleep for 3 hours. That's a record nap for him. I have the monitor turned up, so I can hear him breath. Miss Susan's gymnastics class really wore him out today. That, and he woke up in at around 10:30 last night to watch a little March Madness. He loves basketball. He can't say it, but he loves it. We were watching the George Mason game, and each time Yellow would get the ball, he would yell "Gooooooooooo!" In case you're keeping track, that's word #11.

Mini-me is enjoying The Sound of Music. She loves to perform the "So Long, Farewell" song for us. She does the sweeping hand motions, and then kind of loses the words for a minute to pick up again with "Achoo, achoo, to you and you, goodniiiiiiiight!" I love that my kids love musicals. Their two favorite movies from last year were Enchanted and Hairspray.

Tonight we are going out on a double triple date with my quilting friends and their husbands. They have all met before, but we think our husbands could be BFFs. If not, they could at least play racquetball together once in awhile. Our babysitter for tonight just loves Patch, so it's a good thing he's resting up now. She'll be excited he has a later bedtime.

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