Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rain on the Way

We are supposed to get pounded today and tonight with rain. If only it were 40 degrees cooler...I have turned off the heat in the house and opened some windows. I love to air out our house. I can't do it for long, because humidity tends to build up, but every so often, it's nice. Yesterday it reached 70 degrees here. The kids had a ball in the park, which seemed to have every kid in the neighborhood.

I just asked Patch where his nose was, and got sushed. Apparently I was interrupting him.

At ballet today, Mini-me had to try on her costume. Again. She's getting very tired of trying it on, and then not being aloud to dance in it. The costume looks very cute on the hanger, but not so cute on the girl. At one point, we had full frontal nudity. I mustered up all my powers of passive-aggression and suggested that we find a new costume. The person in charge has had many issues with this costume, so they just might.

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