Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Curly and I got the quilt frame set up on Friday night, but noticed the table-top was warped. We weighted it down, and let it sit, hoping the heavy duty adheasive would take hold. It did not. I am very frustrated because I would like to get started, but with a warped table, it's a little difficult. I contacted Patches, and they are going to contact the company and get me boards.

In the meantime, did anyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night? Man, I love that show!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that really stinks!!

Anonymous said...

I think if Mini-me's preschool dyed eggs, your good! Thomas has a kid in his preschool who is highly allergic to eggs so they couldn't do it in their class.

We don't let the bunny hide the real eggs...they are just for coloring and eating. The bunny hides plastic eggs and this year (like many others) it looks like it will be indoors again, since it has been raining, hailing, snowing all week...even if it is nice on Sunday, the ground is so wet and soggy and muddy, the hunt is going to have to be indoors!