Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This morning, I took the kids downstairs to play and noticed a puddle next to the freezer. Upon opening said freezer, I discovered a huge mess of frost and thawed food. It appears that the door was not shut tightly the last time someone (me) went down to get something. Whoops. That freezer has been a ticking time bomb for the last year. When Grandma came to stay last July, awaiting Patch's arrival, we tried to chip away at the ice with knives. Before she left, she said "You'll want to defrost that." Well, she was right. I did want to defrost that...Hopefully I can keep the freezer frost free from here on out.

I have book group on Friday and have been reading Tales of a Female Nomad. Very interesting book. I usually don't care for non-fiction, but this has been a great read. She reminds me of my -sister-in-law. So does Matt, who dances around the world.

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grandpatty said...

Defrosting the freezer is one of the most hideous of housekeeping tasks. Does Martha cover it in her book?