Saturday, July 21, 2007

Book 7

I wish I could say that my experience in getting Book 7 was as awesome as my cousin's, but alas, it was not. It wasn't even close to awesome; it was tedious and long and exhuasting. My friend Rebeccah picked me up at 10:30. We had planned on eating first and then heading over to Borders to pick up our pre-ordered copies. It seemed like a good idea at the time, since when the last book came out, pre-orders got their books ahead of those who just showed up to pick up a copy. We pulled into the parking lot shared by Borders and Home Depot and had to park next to Home Depot - that's how many cars were there. We walked into the store to see wall-to-wall people. Our Borders is not big, but it was packed. We quickly found out that it didn't matter if you pre-ordered or not, the only way to get the book from that store that night was to pre-order. So all those people, packed like sardines, had signed up for the book months ago.

We joined the line to get a colored wrist bands. When you got the book was determined by what color you had; orange, green, silver, blue, pink, and purple. We waited in a line that snaked around the books on tape and bargain books for 45 minutes. Finally, we got our purple band. Then we waited another 45 minutes or so until we could line up. There was no one telling us where to go. Every once in a while, a woman would get on a mic and say "Pinks, line up now." When it was purples turn, we found that there were 3 different lines. In order to prevent a riot, we allowed merging.

After waiting in a line to be told when to wait in another line, I had the book in hand and was waiting in a third line to pay. While in the lines, I heard several conversations I am trying to forget. I hope it was just mere speculation and not spoiling the book. I did manage to see the last chapter title (because the little girl in front of me said "Look!" and showed me), so I know the world does not end. I got home at around 2:30 and managed to read about 2 chapters before I finally collapsed. I am hoping for good naps today so I can read a few more.

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grandpatty said...

I pre-ordered from Amazon, and I thought that the book was to be delivered by 8:00 am. I admit that I didn't sleep very soundly wondering if my Harry Potter would come by early morning Owl, but alas, it didn't even come by early morning UPS! I'm not sure when it actually arrived, but it was sometime between 10 am and 3 pm. I'm about to put on my comfy clothes and dive in.