Monday, March 26, 2007

Project Update

I have been working like a crazy woman for the past few days on all my projects. I really do have too many. Wednesday and Thursday I pieced together a fabulous quilt top. It is beautiful. I will post a picture sometime in the future. Friday I attatched my new walking foot (thanks, Judy!) to my machine and machine quilted for the first time. The result is fantastic. It took me an hour and a half to do by machine what would normally take me a few weeks to do by hand. Here are the photos of Patch's almost-done quilt.

I left about 6 or 7 blocks empty and will hand quilt in them. Then, I add the binding and viola, it's done. I don't think it will be his favorite, since he loves the knit blanket from Grandpatty, but one day he'll care. Maybe.
I also have a truckload of burp cloths to finish. I have them all blocked and pinned. I was going to use colored thread, but instead I think I will use invisible thread. I'll need to run to the quilting shop to pick some up. I can only work on those, though, after I've finished my chores. That's my rule, not Curly's.
Today marks the beginning of spring cleaning week in our house. I am going to try to tackle a few rooms a day, instead of trying to do the whole house at once. Today I am going to do the kids rooms and the upstairs bathroom. Hopefully there will be good cooperation from the troops today and I can get all that done.


grandpatty said...

So, so cute. The quilting gene skipped a generation, but I'm so glad that you inherited it.

Kage said...

Sorry to threadjack, but it's not really a jack b/c it is about projects.

I tried emailing you but it got returned, so here is the email:

Hey, I am going to put up a lot of crossstitch patterns on ebay unless
you want them, then I will send them to you.

Shepherd's Bush:
Teri's Stocking
Christian's Stocking
Peter's Stocking
Elisabeth's Stocking
Sophie's Stocking
It Came Upon the Midnight clear

Fall Ya'll
Joy to the world
Not a creature was stirring
Ho ho ho

The stockings were hung
Wedding Ring Pillow
Told in a garden-FAMER's MARKET...(sort of an amish looking pattern).

Let me know if you want all or some, and I will send....but I want to
list it ASAP, so respond QUICKLY...thanks

jlk said...

Kage --

I am sending you an email now, but I think the short answer is "Okay!"