Friday, May 17, 2013

Lessons from Tim

I am a huge fan of Project Runway. I have watched since the first season and I love it more than I should. I love the catfighting, I love when there are alliances, I love every crazy outfit made out of plumbers tubes and fresh flowers. Love. It.

But this year, I learned something profound as I watched. Each season, the incomparable Time Gunn visits the finalists in their homes. He meets their loved ones and shares a meal. I love it. I want him to come to my house and share a meal. But I digress. On this season, a Native American woman was a finalist. Tim visited their home on the reservation. As he came in, her mother proudly gestured to the feast on the table and declared, "We made all of this for you."

"I am honored," was Tim's reply.

I am honored.

I love that.

My Grandma Jeanne had the unique opportunity to host leadership from the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattery-day Saints in her home. She made a huge fuss over them. Dinner was served on her best dishes with her beautiful silver to accompany it. How did they feel? I am sure honored.

My Grandma Jeanne also has hosted family gatherings large and small at her house. She served delicious home cooked meals on her best dishes, quite often her best with the beautiful silver. I never once thought to  myself, "Oh, she shouldn't have gone to all this trouble!" and I certainly never said it. Why? Because I felt honored. I knew that she felt I was important enough to fuss over.

So now that I am a grown-up girl with 5 children to care for, I occasionally have people over to my home. I serve them on my prettiest dishes. I don't always use my beautiful silver that matches my Grandma's, but sometimes I do. I think about the menu well in advance and serve something homemade and delicious that I think my guests will like. It is my way of saying, "You are worth my time. I want to fuss."

And what do I hope my guests say? "I am honored."


patty said...

What a lovely post! Grandma also served church leaders breakfast in the dining room on her best china, sterling silver, and cloth napkins.

Bon-Bon said...

Just yesterday in our Weight Watchers meeting (mom and I) we discussed eating vs. dining. Thanks for highlighting good dining experiences. Eating tasty food on pretty dishes makes all the difference. We are sooo worth it! Great comments, Jana!

Mama Pea said...

That's such a nice post. Nice job, Jana!

The other day, we were grilling hamburgers. E took it upon herself to set the table. She had spread out a pretty table cloth, put out placemats, and she put out nice napkins, candles, and flowers! She asked if we could use the good china and silver, as well as the good glasses. I said, "Sure." So, we sat and ate hamburgers and fried potatoes on the good china. It was beautiful. Mostly because she thought to honor us by setting a pretty table. She was so proud.

Thimbleanna said...

What a great post Jana! I think we should use our fine china and silver just for family more often. Who is more deserving?

(And, are you going to post the picture of the cute quilt you made for market? I only got the instagram pic of it and it's not a great picture!)