Monday, November 08, 2010

Manic Monday

My mom, modeling her apron.

It's just another manic Monday. However, I do not wish it were Sunday. I have far too much to do, so we must keep moving forward. Today I woke up with a sore throat. If you have a prayer to spare, I would appreciate it. Wouldn't it just stink to get sick the week of the Holiday Bazaar? I think it would.

I am taking a break from my sewing right now. I have a few supplies to still pick up (rick rack, zippers, etc), and Ginger is still asleep. Changing times is rough on my kids. Ginger and Patch were both up before 6 this morning. So was Mini-me, but sometimes she just likes to lie in bed with her blankie, contemplating the state of the world.

I have a new spotlight today. Go here to check it out. Then come Saturday to the Vienna Community Center and buy one!


Leslie said...

i hope you don't get sick!!! your mom looks lovely in her apron

Anonymous said...

Now that my hair gray, I hardly recognize myself. It is, however, a sensational apron.

Karen said...

I hope you are well. Its a great photo of your Mum.