Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Show

Here is me and my booth at the Vienna Woman's Club Holiday Bazaar last week. I really didn't want my table to look cluttered, but it did a little. I had a lot to sell! I did very well, but still had some things leftover. So I'm doing another show, also in Vienna, on December 4th.
Here is my booth from the back. I brought my garment rack to hang the aprons, table toppers, and "Celebrate" sign. That's my sister-in-law, Becky (one of the Spinster Sisters), who helped me set up. She also came up the day before the show, took my kids so I could get things finished, and then took Mini-me and Flower to her place for a sleepover. Huge help.

Today's Gratitude: The nasty cold I contracted this past week is almost done. Yea!!


Vonna said...

Looks GREAT :)
I'd a bought something from your pretty smiling self!

Anonymous said...

So glad the same song second verse is happening in December!

Karen said...

You look like a natural behind the table. Very glad to hear you were happy with what you sold.

Leslie said...

this looks like fun...your set up is gorgeous. i was thinking about doing this sometime

Lisa said...

U look skinny