Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation, Part 1

When we were planning our trip this summer, we realized that Curly couldn't take that much time off work in order to drive out with us. The plan was to then have me caravan with my brother's family. Two days before we were to leave, my sister in law (who I lovingly refer to as the "spinster sister") called and said she could drive with me. Hallelujah! The trip was much more enjoyable with her in the car. I will dedicate a separate post to Colleen, the Spinster Sister, and will welcome all set-ups on her behalf. Thank you.
We arrived in glorious Salt Lake City after three long days on the road. We decided to stay at Little America because, well, who wouldn't want to stay at Little America? Flower was especially taken with the chandelier in our room.
On Friday, I spent a few minutes with some of my missionary friends on Temple Square. It was lovely, and I didn't take any pictures. Right after that, Curly arrived on a jet plane. We picked him up and headed south to Provo, home of the Cougars. Curly and I were there at the same time and didn't know each other. Weird, right?
We took a tour on a huge golf cart and got to see all the changes to the campus. It's actually kind of pretty now. And yes, that means that when I was there, I found it to be less than attractive.
We lunched at our favorite Brazilian restaurant, Tucanos. Patch enjoyed the tongs. Flower enjoyed the meat on a skewer, brought in a non-stop fashion. We wish there was a similar place near us, but really if there was, we would eat there way too often and be very fat. Mini-me and Flower loved the thing we used to tell the master swordsman that we wanted more meat. Green means go, people! Flower ate more than me. Mini-me didn't eat much of anything, and neither did Patch, but they were free, so that was okay.
Our last stop on our Provo day was to the cemetery. We try to go every time we head out to Sun Valley. I know I have talked about Angel before, but in case you are new to the blog, Angel is Curly's oldest daughter. She was born while he and The Ex were in college. She didn't live very long, but the impact of her little life has been profound.
Flower balled the entire time we were there. She never knew Angel, but she misses her in her life. Curly talked to the kids about our faith that she is with Heavenly Father now, and that she is aware of our little family. It is sad and tragic to be sure; but life is not about the tragedy, it is about the joy. We know where she is and that she is happy. Knowing that makes us all work a little harder to be a little better so we can be where she is someday.
I have to admit, this last picture makes me a little weepy. Curly and his kids. He is such a good dad. The drive out as fun, but the vacation truly started when we picked him up from the airport.


Anonymous said...

I know that Angel is so proud of her family. On a different note, one of those Brazilian barbecue places is in Fair Oaks Mall. Seriously.

Melonius said...

I'm just not going to say anything about you being in provo.

Leslie said...

that sounds like one really long is so sad that you can not have angel with you.