Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did You See That?

I am no fan of storms. Last week we had a day with very strong storms. As in, more than one in a day. The first one was so violent, and our house so full of windows, that we went down to the basement. The afternoon storm had actual rotation and reports of tornadoes close by. In both storms we got nearly 3 inches of rain and this picture shows what 3 inches in 20 minutes does to our lawn. Yup. That's our front yard, folks. I wish we had brought our ducks home from Sun Valley.


Leslie said...

oh man that is a lot of rain...we got the tail end of what you had i think. just some rainy days but nothing so extreme

Linz said...

Oh wow! That's your front yard?! Yowzahs!

Anonymous said...

No worries -- the ducks are going to find you!